Company Philosophy

Do the right things, is the ultimate moral attitudes of VOXFLOR. That obligates us far beyond common legislation to perform in regard to environmental issues, social responsibilities and employees benefits.

VOXFLOR believes that we are an outstanding and trustworthy company. We fulfill our social responsibility and help in the development of local community. Carpet donation, sponsored social activies and summer camps for young people – these are only chosen activities

In Poland we support Red Cross Club and actions against leukemia

The care of the active and passive natural environment is a foundation written down into long-term relations company-surroundings.

  • 1997 --- Foundation of CWCC (China Worldbest Carpet Co., Ltd).
  • ...
  • 2006 --- Xinyu Carpet Industry Park went into production.
  • ...
  • 2009 --- The biggest carpet tile supplier for World Expo Shanghai. Certification of the CRI Green Label Plus.
  • ...
  • 2014 --- To aim at long-term marketing strategy and to be more international, we have decided to rename our company Jiangxi Huateng Carpet Industrial Park Co., Ltd into VOXFLOR Industrial Park Co., Ltd.
  • 2014 --- strategic development – we built sales network on the Europe area under the new name Voxflor – cooperation Europe-Asia – central warehouse in Poland.
  • Mit bis zu 36 Standartfarben in einer Kollektion
  • Verfügbarkeit von Lagerbeständen - europäisches Lager in Zentralpolen
  • Hohe Qualität der Fasern PA 6.0 & 6.6 Antron und Dupont
  • Magas minőségű fonal: PA 6.0 és 6.6 Antron és Dupont
  • Europäische Zertifikate gemäß EU-Richtlinien - Marke - CE
  • LEED
  • Wir bieten Teppichfliesen in 8 Größen
  • Wir bieten 4 Arten von Rücken - Bitumen, PCV, C-Back, Mix-Back

We can obtain knowledge from others, but we must learn wisdom by ourselves